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A summary of the services that I offer.   If you are unsure,  please get in touch for a quick friendly chat.


All areas of IT supported.   Personal and Business IT are covered.

  • Does your computer take a long time to start up or take ages to complete simple tasks?

  • Does it freeze occasionally?

  • If you can relate to any of these points, then give me a call on: 07342 632129 for a general health check or to book a support session.


Your machine could be infected with:

  • Viruses

  • Malware

  • Spyware

All of these have  the potential to affect files on your PC and sometimes attempt to access your private information.

Any of the above can contribute to a PC or Mac running slowly but can be easily removed by our experienced technicians.


Spyware and Viruses all removed quickly and without fuss


One to One lessons whatever your level, wherever you are, taught on your own computer.

After primarily providing PC and Mac repair and support services for our home and businesses users for the past 10 years, we have listened to our customers and are pleased to now offer ann enhanced computer Training Service.

We can provide affordable One to One computer tuition in the comfort of your own home or at a local Training Centre.


Training is available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm; evening and weekend availability with advance booking.

Buy a gift for someone that will make a difference!

  • All levels of tuition: from complete beginner (have never used a computer) to competent users.

  • One to One tuition: learn faster on your own and ask us what you want, when you want, on you own computer.

  • We come to: We can visit you at your house, retirement home, or hospital

  • You come to us: You can bring your own computer or use the equipment provided

  • Group Training: from 5- 12 people in each group.

  • Company Training: Just installed a new piece of software at the office or have new employee/s that need training? Book a company-training day.

  • Training on any type of computer: We can train you on PC, Apple Mac, ipad or Tablet.

  • Professional, patient and knowledgeable technicians: never be apprehensive of asking a question with one of our trained staff

  • Let’s get you up and running: we can assist with Broadband/Internet, purchasing a computer and provide a complete set up and installation service to get you up and running.

  • Training Lesson Gift Vouchers: the perfect present to help friends or family start or improve their computer skills


No problem !


I can design and implement a wide variety of network solutions from relatively small 10 person offices to multi-floor, multi-office local area networks.

In  the past,  I have been called upon to design and implement a wide variety of network solutions from relatively small 10 person offices to multi-floor, multi-office local area networks, distributed backbones and server farms, over multiple buildings or on one site.

Preservation of our clients’ revenue stream is paramount and a resilient network is key to ensuring minimal downtime in the event of an active network component failure.

I are familiar with these networking technologies





  • Network design and configuration

  • Wireless network setup

  • Router installations

  • Cloud backup solutions for iPad, laptop and desktop PC's

  • Data recovery

  • Boosting Poor Wifi Signal

  • Cloud solutions (hosted email and servers)

  • Microsoft server management and deployment

  • Virtualization

  • Office relocation

  • Backup solutions

  • Disaster and recovery

  • Business telecoms

  • Business mobile

  • Business IT security

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